GFK Übungsgruppe in 2020

Mittwoch 18 Uhr : 15. Jan., 19. Feb., 18. Mär., 22. Apr., 13. Mai, 17. Jun.

Freitag 16 Uhr 30 : 17. Jan., 21. Feb., 20. Mär., 17. Apr., 8. Mai., 26. Jun.

Und Sommerfete 10. Juli!


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Life is multicolor, such the colors of the rainbow!

And I love it!

For me, all emotions, colors of the skin, nationalities, thoughts are a One and is the Life.

To accept these differences, is to accept Life!

In the One, each of us is unique. And it is this specificity I will highlight during my support.

I am driven to respect you as a person, your values, your rhythm and your autonomy for you to assume your own choices.

I am bound to professional confidentiality, and within the extent of the Law, I sincerely intend to respect your private life. To know more about it, I invite you to consult the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation ICF.