GFK Übungsgruppe in 2020

Mittwoch 18 Uhr : 15. Jan., 19. Feb., 18. Mär., 22. Apr., 13. Mai, 17. Jun.

Freitag 16 Uhr 30 : 17. Jan., 21. Feb., 20. Mär., 17. Apr., 8. Mai., 26. Jun.

Und Sommerfete 10. Juli!


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First of all, could Coaching fit with your expectations?

Typically, you could need a coach if you experience challenges that are difficult to handle alone at home, at work, with your close ones, with yourself, and more generally in your Life.

A coach’s purpose is to accompany you.

If it does speak to you… I will be delighted to accompany you during your time of transition, because I feel so much close to a vibrant Life when problems become Chances, acknowledging who you are and connecting with what makes sense for you.

I am dedicated to what is important for you, to your pace, to your sensitivity, to where you want to go.

Ready for tempting the experience? I invite you to contact me on info@akcolibri-coaching.com or telephone to request a first ‘Getting to know appointment’ and find out if WE could be a fit!

For more testimonies I invite you to have a look here.